Treatment of obesity with BIB system

Obesity is becoming a dangerous disease of civilization. In many cases, it cannot be overcome even by the most strict diets or exercise. Diets used by very overweight people, are a necessity. However, even those chosen by professional and experienced dieticians rarely help or give only temporary results. Although adjusting to individual preferences are not enough and condemn obese people to drama of functioning. It not only involves the aesthetic side of obesity, but primarily the issue of healthcare. Obesity may be a cause of subsequent illnesses - diabetes, heart disease and cardiovascular diseases and even cancer.

obesity BIB system

Stopping the threat may, however, occur in only one way. The vast weight loss, which is consistent weight reduction, can restore the body back on track. Since it cannot be minimized by using a diet, you should go toward an alternative, definitive methods, which can stop the process of weight gain. The last solution is the surgical reduction of stomach. However, it is associated with too great risk of complications. Indirect method is the BIB System.

Gastric balloon is its foundation. Its implantation is via endoscope under the intravenous anesthesia. Balloon is introduced into the stomach, and then is filled with saline. It is placed there for 6 months, then it should be removed. During this time its mission is to assist weight loss by inhibiting appetite. The appetite is smaller, because all the time, there is a feeling of satiety. The patient thus provides the body with smaller amounts of food, which gives the obvious consequences.

The baloon its self obviously does not make body slimmer, but only helps in weight loss. The key to success is a well-designed diet and nutrition. On the assimilation, the patient has a whole half of a year after the expiry of which, he should not resign from developed diet. Gastric balloon is non-invasive and therefore safe for the body method. The damage is not even done by its rupture.