Organic food is not healthier than the regular one

This is the conclusion, to which experts from Food Standards Agency came. Not only that, organic food has the same value as normal, but also it can lead to obesity.

The thesis was formed after a number of studies. They mainly concerned the perception of organic food and frequency of its consumption. It turned out that we are convinced that organic products are much healthier than those, produced in a traditional way. Such thinking makes us eat more, and this translates into extra pounds.

Organic food

The experiment was carried out on 150 persons . It was about expressing an opinion on specific products. Tested people agreeably claimed that organically produced food has fewer calories (up to 40 percent) and less fat, and that it is better in taste.

Meanwhile, scientists completely disagree. Avoidance of chemicals in food production, does not affect its nutritional value. The taste is actually better, but the number of calories is not reduced. Scientists say that at present there is no obvious evidence to support claims that organic food is more valuable. Its nutrients are maintained at the same level as in the case of food produced in the traditional way, which is confirmed by research.

The researchers suggest that currently in the case of organic products “halo effect” works. This means that consumers on the basis of a positive image created around ecology, automatically assign more positive features to organic food.

Thus, they push themselves into a trap. Living in the belief that they eat healthily, often allow themselves to increase the amount of consumed food. Thus, unwittingly condemn themselves to the weight gain.