Eating fast food lowers the IQ

The undisputed issue is that fast food dishes do not serve our health. Currently, however, the researchers argue that in addition to health, hamburgers also kill brain cells.

The list of diseases which are led to by fat and full of calories food is extremely long. At the top are:

  • cancer of the digestive system,
  • atherosclerosis
  • coronary disease,
  • obesity.

Those are the most serious and most dangerous to the health diseases. The quality of life is not only affected by our physical condition. Equally important is our psychological sphere. It turns out that eating the junk food does not affect it favorably.

Eating fast food

Quite the contrary. Researchers from Bristol found that children who are often fed with hamburger, chips and cola have lower IQ than their peers who eat healthily. This has been proved on the example of four thousand. children. Doctors divided them into 3 groups. The first consisted of those children who often consume junk food, kids from the second group sometimes eat fast food, and the ones from third do not tolerate it at all.

When all children were 8.5 years old, the doctors checked their health and intellectual development. All kids had Weksler test which is used to determine the level of intelligence of the child. IQ study found that children, who provied the body with large amounts of fat and sugar, have lower performance than children who are fed healthy food. The difference was 5 points on intelligence scale.

All children were within normal, average mental development. However, lower IQ reduces the potential development of the child. Poor diet may in the future cause a kid a problem with keeping up with peers.