Obesity is not the fault of the genes

On the causes of overweight and obesity have already been many theories developed and it is impossible to count them all. Nutritionists pass on the arguments. Now the controversy revived about the role of genes in the process of weight gaining.

For many researchers, genes are the only cause of obesity. For others, the greatest enemy of the slim silhouette- especially among children - are low physical activity and poor diet. There are doctors who claim that being overweight is caused by adenoviruses. Recent research done by scientists from Michigan, however, stand firmly in opposition to the first of these theories.

Obesity fast food

First of all, American scientists believe that genes cannot be responsible for the obesity epidemic among children, with whom we now have to deal with. Obesity is not the fault of genes. At least not in most people cases, but only in extreme ones. The more, that since 1980 in the United States the percentage of overweight children aged from 6 to 11 years have been tripled. Researchers from Michigan roar that cause of rapid weight gain among children are poor eating habits and too little exercise, what’s more they are also responsible for poorer health status of overweight people.

It has been proved on the basis of tests, which were done on about 1000 children aged 11-12 years. Large proportion of them had a BMI, or body mass index greater than 30. For all children obesity was associated with high cholesterol, excessive blood pressure, less heart failure , and therefore were at high risk of coronary vascular disease. Moreover, all children showing a significant excess of pounds did not participate in physical exercise, nor ate properly. Their menu was frequently prepared based on the unhealthy products from school shop. Their biggest entertainment was television (not less than 2 hours a day) and video games.