Umami taste

Umami is a taste that was developed thanks to research work. It is impossible to describe it. It is the perfect definition of what is delicious and what brings us much joy while we feel it.

How accurately can be umami defined? Umami is not sweet or bitter, not associated with the acidity or saltiness. The first mention of umami and its name comes from the early twentieth century, Its father is Japanese, Kikunae Ikeda. While eating seaweed he noted that there is something, which gives the flavor and makes it so amazing.

Umami taste

Umami is a word derived from the “Umai” meaning “delicious”. Ikeda discovered that the properties identified are the result of glutamic acid. Moreover, he patented the method of its obtaining. After all, umami has been known for centuries, but before no one knew what to call this “something” causing the food to be so tasty.

To get umami it is appropriate to combine the specific tastes. Besides, one must at the same time use the correct ways of preparing dishes. Well-prepared, will give umami effect, because the food will slowly release the essence of each flavor, intensely acting on the receptors. In the restaurants we can meet umami, if the chef had trained its extraction. At home we try to make it on our own. n the internet, we will find a lot of advice, on the combination of flavors needed to feel that excellente taste. It is recommended reaching for sun-dried tomatoes, Parmesan cheese, which contains a lot of MSG and many other cheeses, fish, like anchovies and tuna and soy sauce.

How do we know that what we feel is umami? It is impossible to describe. When you get it, you will know it.